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 Artisan Fishermen -

Ariel y Bruno



Pablo y Bruno

Pictures from the Southern Right Whales sightseeing, on the 6th of October 2005 taken by friends from Tristan Suarez : Martín, Juan, Pablo, Ariel & Bruno.

On the background the sight of Santa Teresita´s buildings

Navy Hydrography (Tide Tables)

Shoulder of artisan fishermen.

Situated in Costanera Ave and 50th St., is a walk impossible to miss for those who want to enjoy the spectacle of the artisanal embarked fishing.

The shoulder counts on selling stands of fresh fish and a bar specialized in the preparation of sea food.
In the Descent of 23rd St. and Costanera you also shall find, besides the Embarked Fishing, nautical trips and fresh fish.

Species that we find in our coasts according to the season:

Silver side (Pejerrey)

Carangids (Palometa)

Sea Trout & Weakfish (Pescadilla)

Corbina (Corvina)

Smooth Hound (Cazón)

Fork Beard (Brótola)

Sea Bass (Mero)

Catfish of sea (Bagre de Mar)

Argentine Conger (Congrio)

Skate (Raya)

Look report

Translated by Marcelo stdigitall.com.ar
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