Ciudad Balnearia Santa Teresita, fundada el 3 de Marzo de 1946
Partido de La Costa - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Desde 1998 junto al turista y al comercio local

The pier,
situated in 38th St. and Costanera, is one of the longest of the Coast County, it's 200 mts long and from 1,50 mts to 3,00 mts wide, with a height of 3,50 mts with its own public lighting for night use. It counts on a parking terrace for fishermen built in wood and reinforced concrete.
Scoop nets can be rented and it should be payed an economical fee to get access.


The pier was built with the paraguayan wood "curapay" (the works begun in the middle of 1947), which was traslated from Dolores up to San Clemente and from there to Santa Teresita in trucks across the beach.
Look at the pictures of the construction of the pier in the
picture gallery.

In the year 1993 the Pier remained deteriorated due to a “Sudestada” (a strong wind from the southeast) that ended cutting the groyne in half.
The Fomenting Association repaired temporarily this inconvenience. The repaired groyne endured other "sudestadas" and two more seasons until it was built with its new piles and concrete platform.




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