Ciudad Balnearia Santa Teresita, fundada el 3 de Marzo de 1946
Partido de La Costa - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Desde 1998 junto al turista y al comercio local

The Santa María Caravel, is a 95% exact replica of the one that Christopher Columbus navigated to the Americas.
It's the world's second in exactitude, standing the first in Barcelona, Spain.

The ship is 23 mts long and 8,50 mts. wide, with an approximate height of 7 mts.
It' wholly made of wood with structure of “quebracho” wood and laterally plated with “urunday” boards.
You'll find it in Costanera Ave between 39th and 40th St.

Built in 1979, rebuilt in 1995 y 2007.

During all day and night this is the favorite place for tourists to take their vacation pictures.
Places to meet:
Parque Golf Neighborhood bordering with the Golf Club field and 32nd Ave, it’s a densely wooded place and of remarkable beauty.
Sobre el Monte (On the hill), elegant and residential village with admirable forestry, perfect for a walk, horse renting, etc.
There is situated the "Jaguel del medio" (Fountain of the middle).
At present you'll find an important shopping mall and also strolls, called "Camino del Jaguel" (Fountain's Path).
Fishing Pier, the caravel, the downtown.



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