Ciudad Balnearia Santa Teresita, fundada el 3 de Marzo de 1946
Partido de La Costa - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Desde 1998 junto al turista y al comercio local

The Jorge Newbery Aerodrome or Santa Teresita Aerodrome was inaugurated in 1965; it is placed in a estate of 370 Ha. on the Inter-resort Route and 37th St.

S 36º32·462" W 56º43·315"
RWY 17/35
1500X30 Asf.
TWR 122.10 Aer.

Here operates the Santa Teresita Aeroclub that makes baptism and recreation flights over neighboring beaches, and its Pilots Academy.


Within this Aerodrome operates the meteorological station, which started working temporarily in 1985 and became officially established on April 30th 1987. Daily, observations are practiced to obtain data about maximum and minimum temperatures, dampness, pressure, wind's direction and intensity, visibility, amount of rains.

Within this Aerodrome there's also another service institution like the Radio Club from Santa Teresita LU 6 D5 which dictates broadcasting courses, with its VHF repeater on 147.210 + Mhz.


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